Your flight to one of our safari destinations. Start an unforgettable lifetime with Southbound Experience.

The land of the red dune.

Nambia - endless spaces

On the Westcoast of Africa lies a country with the second lowest density of people in the world. My country of birth..


The Highlights:

  • Hot air Ballooning over the Namib desert.
  • Dune sea at Sandwich Harbour
  • Fish river Canyon – Second largest canyon the world.

Namibia, from above. We are happy to organize a flight safari.

Self drive safaris or guided trips by car


Tailored luxury safaris in untouched nature
"I would say this is the mecca of African Safaris, a country where everybody can find their soul." - Johann Louw

Whether it is your first safari or your tenth, always a destination that you don’t need to share with a lot of people.

  • Chobe National Park
  • Savuti Channel
  • Helicopter flights over the Delta
  • Walking among Elephants

HIGHLIGHT: Photographing like a Pro. Exclusive Photography Courses from the Pangolin Voyager, a houseboat with no equivalents. Or from the Pangolin Chobe Hotel in Kasane with Guts Swanepoel and his crew.

Our story...

Uganda- pearl of Africa

Winston Churchill called it the ‚Pearl’ of Africa. Idi Amin left it with a bad feeling to it... Today it is roaring with new ideas and friendly people.

Bwindi Impenetrable Nationalpark

The impressive national park is home to mountain gorillas.

Kibale Forest

Experience the chimpanzees while trekking the Kibale Forest.

Murchisonsfalls Nationalpark

In addition to the waterfalls of the same name, the national park is known for its rich biodiversity. There is also the Rothschild giraffe at home.


We would recommend Uganda only on a guided Safari...

More Highlights...

KENYA - Learn "Beyond Africa"

stylish safaris in the cradle of safari life - Kenya

The remarkable land in the shadow of Mount Kenya is home to the Maasai tribes.

A guided safari in Kenya combined with a Tanzania trip will never be forgotten.

  • Watch the natural spectacle of the Gnu migration in the Masai Mara./li>
  • Special cultures meet. Immerse yourself in the way of life of the Maasai.
  • Segera Retreat, where some lodges are located. Combine environmental protection with luxury.


A helicopter flight to the Kenyan Highlands is a must - Flying in the Tiger Moth from “OUT OF AFRICA”

Story to Kenya

Africa's best kept secret

The locals meet you with a smile.


On the tracks of Dr. David Livingstone, visiting
the Victoria Falls

Immerse yourself...

"The land of a thousand hills"


Rwanda - Cultural landscape and the home of mountain gorillas

The legendary Virunga Mountains are home to volcanoes and about half of the entire world population of Mountain Gorillas.
  • The legendary Virunga Mountains are home to volcanoes
  • The special monkey species "Golden Monkeys" lives in the land of the Thousand Hills.
  • The Kivu lake that runs between Rwanda and DR Congo is one of the deepest lakes in the world.
  • About half of the entire world population of Mountain Gorillas

Our Story...

Tanzania - On trace of Gzimeks

Along the East coast of Africa lies this country with such diversity. From Mount Kilimanjaro to the Serengeti and Selous down to Stonetown and the spices of Zanzibar.
One with the word Safari!

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Seychelles - North Island, sustainable luxury


Set foot on your own private island in the Seychelles. Infinite, exclusive space where the embrace of lush tropical palms and giant granite peaks dwarf your presence with their drama.


ETHIOPIA- The cradle of humanity

The beautiful country in northeastern Africa is characterized by an eventful mix of history, culture and nature

9 places of UNESCO World Heritage and many cultures to discover.

Let's start the Ethiopia experience together.

  • National parks such as Siemen Mountain are home to Ethiopian wolves.
  • Cultural diversity. Numerous ethnic groups celebrate special rituals and their sacred buildings invite you to marvel.
  • Tisissat Falls, the Blue Nile Falls are among the largest in Africa.
Culture & Nature

In Ethiopia, you will not let go of unspoiled nature and cultural diversity.

Experience Ethiopia

CHAD - conservation close up.

Johann Louw "Chad is not for the fainthearted" - very hot and isolated.

But this pristine patch of earth is the true treasure trove of experiences.

  • In this patch of earth many animals found a home.
  • Visiting Zakouma National Park is a privilege to only a few visitors every year.

Camp Nomade is perfect in its simplicity and elegance, providing everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Cape Town- exquisite experiences

The view of the mountain range of the Table Mountain National Park on Cape Town will never let you go again.

Together with us and our partners you will experience an unforgettable lifetime in the metropolis of Cape Town and the beautiful nature around it. Cape Town and the Cape of Good Hope, which lies south of the city, will inspire you.